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Minnesota Launches New Ad Campaign to Get Job Seekers to Relocate There

Minnesota Launches New Ad Campaign to Get Job Seekers to Relocate There

Minnesota has launched a unique initiative called Star of the North, aiming to attract both visitors and skilled individuals to the state. This multi-platform campaign, spearheaded by Governor Tim Walz and Explore Minnesota, utilizes innovative strategies to reach a wider audience than ever before.

By combining tourism promotion and talent recruitment efforts, Star of the North seeks to not only showcase the state's beauty and potential for travel but also highlight its strengths as a desirable place to live and work. This includes targeted national advertisements specifically aimed at individuals in high-demand fields like technology, healthcare, education, and advanced manufacturing. With this comprehensive approach, Star of the North marks a significant step forward for Explore Minnesota in its efforts to position the state as a leading destination for travel and professional opportunities.

"As a top state for quality of life, health care, and business, we're investing in a tourism and talent attraction campaign to promote Minnesota on a global stage," said Governor Tim Walz. "We're also aiming to attract skilled workers to support our nation-leading health care, manufacturing, and technology sectors. Whether you're visiting as a tourist, searching for a job, or looking to relocate, there are opportunities for everyone in Minnesota."

Minnesota's relative affordability and high quality of life offer an unparalleled lifestyle for individuals and families. The state offers a vibrant cultural scene, recreational opportunities, economic diversity, and a strong sense of community for all. Minnesota also ranks as one of the healthiest and most livable states, aided by an excellent healthcare system and natural beauty. The state's commitment to building a strong education system and bolstering job seekers and business owners, make it an ideal place to live.

The Star of the North campaign builds on the Minnesota story, with the state continuing to place at the top of "Must Experience" travel lists and one of the strongest labor markets continuing to outpace the nation in job growth. From October to November 2023, the state added 9,500 jobs between October and November of 2023, marking the fifth consecutive month of growth, according to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

"With the Star of the North campaign, we are promoting Minnesota's many offerings to more national and international travelers and future residents than ever before," said Explore Minnesota Executive Director Lauren Bennett McGinty. "Minnesota ranks as one of the healthiest and most livable states in the nation with growing opportunities for job seekers and business owners. With uniquely green urban areas, sparkling lakes, cultural richness, and recreational opportunities, our state has unparalleled experiences for individuals and families."

Minnesota's economy is built on industry-leading companies, thriving small business, high innovation rates, an educated skilled workforce, and a diverse base of industries where there's room for everyone to thrive. Ranking near the top of all factors important to business and livability, CNBC recently named Minnesota a top-five state for business. According to a Wallethub study, the state is a top place to raise a family, making it one of the best places to travel and live long-term.

The Minnesota state legislature approved an increase of $3.84 million to Explore Minnesota's $14.4 million base budget during the 2023 session for FY24, and the state will invest $22 million in one-time funding over the biennium for an aggressive livability recruitment campaign and to bolster additional tourism marketing programs. In total, this is an additional $25 million dollar investment in Explore Minnesota to not only promote the state as a top tourist destination, but also a top place to live and work.

The new talent attraction ads will run in 22 markets including: Boston, Austin, TX; Seattle; San Francisco; Kansas City; Columbus; Washington, DC through June.

To view the Star of the North campaign ads and for more information on the campaign, visit www.exploreminnesota.com